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Team leader Business Consulting – Consulting Services, Projects & Digital Solutions

Kevork is the team leader of the Business Consulting team at Swiss-AS. He joined Swiss-AS in 2014, after having worked with AMOS from a customer’s perspective during his whole career.

Kevork’s passion has always been “flying” and “aviation”, so working in the aviation industry after obtaining his Bachelor and Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering was an obvious choice.

The Swiss-AS Business Consultants are responsible for the overall implementation of AMOS at our new customers. They also make sure that all our existing customers keep a high-level of AMOS adoption to allow them to truly benefit from the system.

In both cases, our consultants guide customers towards an on budget, on time and on scope AMOS implementation, providing best practice business recommendations, which come from the expertise of the company and team members.

As team leader, Kevork ensures that all our team members can perform their services to customers; this means that they are trained and have a well-maintained source of documentation.

The Swiss-AS consultants are also responsible to provide best practice business knowledge to our development teams and provide feedback on development projects.

“I am really enjoying the team spirit at Swiss-AS - there is still a flavour of family here when interacting with my colleagues. In addition, I love the energy of this job! We are assigned to different projects, customers and countries. We are exposed to so much experience and information from our customers that people will hardly get bored here.”


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