Syed has graduated in software engineering and started his professional career as a Software Developer and then as an IT Consultant for an ERP solution. In 2015, Syed joined Swiss-AS’ team based in Singapore as an IT Consultant focusing on data integration consulting to support AMOS customers from the APAC region. His main task is to guide and consult new AMOS customers regarding their data migration work stream and to support them with mapping data between AMOS and their legacy system(s) as well as problem solving during data verification. Syed also provides expert advice on migrating data using ETL software and he also codes and verifies extraction scripts, if needed. From an operational point of view, Syed performs system monitoring and provides technical support on running AMOS installations.

“Although Swiss-AS is a software company, it has inherited the aviation business specialization from its mother company Swiss International Air Lines, which makes it different from a typical software development organization. The company respects its employees and cares for the transparent communication, work-life balance, self-improvement and personal growth. I believe in the vision of the company which motivates me to stay at Swiss-AS!”


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