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Senior Relationship Manager – Consulting Services, Projects & Digital Solutions

Isabel is a Senior Relationship Manager at Swiss-AS. She joined the company already 18 years ago, when AMOS was still a project within the IT department of Crossair with only 15 employees. Back then, Isabel worked as a trainer, coaching the first AMOS pioneer customers from around the globe. Isabel then joined the Consulting team to guide airlines implementing AMOS and to support existing customers in adopting new AMOS functionalities.

“Moving on from Training to Consulting, and now recently to CRM, was a logical career path for me and the central theme of all these positions is the close relationship with our customers,” explains Isabel.

Now, in her new role in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), she is a primary contact for clients that have already implemented AMOS and she acts as a key link between the customers and Swiss-AS. A high level of customer satisfaction is of course the primary goal of our CRM department.
“The appeal of the aviation industry, work-life-balance and the fact that it was always fulfilling to work closely with the loyal AMOS Community is what has made me stay at Swiss-AS for so many years. Swiss-AS and the product AMOS have constantly advanced and improved over the years. We never stand still and there is always so much more to learn on this journey. In this role I am proud to represent the customer viewpoint within the Swiss-AS organisation.”

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