Linux System Administrator – IT

Meet Yannick, Linux System Administrator at Swiss-AS

After obtained a University Technical Diploma in Networks and Telecommunications, and a Bachelor in Administration and Security of Corporate Networks, Yannick worked in the technology and pharmaceutical industry as an infrastructure and systems specialist.
In November 2020, Yannick joined Swiss-AS as Linux System Administrator, “I saw the possibility to work in a Software Company as a chance to share knowledge and ideas about IT with people all over the company instead of the IT department only.” In his daily work, Yannick manages and upgrades existing services such as the version control system, deploys new servers, troubleshoots and resolves failures when they occur, automates redundant tasks, and advises colleagues on Linux and related software.
On a daily basis, the IT team ensures that the internal infrastructure and core system services are running to enable the work of the Swiss-AS colleagues who continuously manage and improve AMOS. As Yannick says "the IT department is an important point of the company because it has to keep the existing systems and internal tools of the company available, secure and up-to-date."
He also highlights the freedom and ease of choosing a particular process to accomplish a series of tasks: “if I would like to introduce a new technology, I need to explain and convince my managers, create a proof of concept, execute a series of test, get an approval, and then implement it.”
To conclude, the overall atmosphere at Swiss-As is attractive to Yannick as the multicultural nature of his colleagues, the open-mindedness and the ease of contact allow him to ask for and give help, while also discussing new ideas and processes.


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