Roman works as an ICT Administrator at Swiss AviationSoftware. He studied Business Informatics and gained 15-years of work experience in the field of ICT before joining Swiss-AS in 2018.

Roman is responsible for the installation of new Linux servers and to make them as secure and reliable as possible. To create a new Linux server Swiss-AS has its complete server infrastructure virtualized and the maintenance of the VMware environment and creation of new VMs is part of his daily job. On these Linux servers, Swiss-AS’s own AMOS application and the underlying databases are running.

The Swiss-AS ICT Administrators are furthermore responsible to maintain the servers for AMOS customers that are hosted in-house

Our ICT Administrators cooperate closely with other technical departments, such as the Professional Services team, who provides AMOS Operation Services and Hosting Services to our customers or the Quality Assurance team, which needs reliable test servers for the AMOS test automation.

“I like most when we successfully complete a challenging project. Just recently, we set up a customer with 8 different environments that is hosted in-house at the Swiss-AS premises and everything is now running smoothly,” says Roman.



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