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Test Engineer – Quality Assurance

Rémy works as a Test Engineer for the AMOS logistics modules in the Quality Assurance department of Swiss AviationSoftware.

Being fascinated by aviation since his early childhood and having a private pilot license, Rémy was able to combine his professional experience as a software tester with his passion for the aviation industry here at Swiss-AS.

While the Swiss-AS Software Engineers develop new functions in AMOS, our Test Engineers analyse, check and assess requirement specifications and also define, implement and execute test cases and automated functional scenarios for these new developments. Several thousand automated tests running over night and dashboards allow us to get feedback quickly and make informed decisions.

“What I enjoy the most is exploratory testing. Here I can think outside the box and can use my experience and creativity to generate new tests and find out how AMOS handles easy and difficult requests. Working together closely with the Developers is a must as we can share both our technical and functional visions, so we can provide the best user experience possible to our customers.”